So far, entrepreneurial training programs have been developed by universities. And while they have great resources available, the programs tend to be very academic and focused on the start-up per se and not the actual entrepreneur.

Trepcamp is different. We take a practitioners approach to training entrepreneurs and the program is built around the entrepreneur, or the Trep, and not the company.

What also makes trepcamp unique is that we have incorporated best practices in education and learning into the program. Its called the Flipped classroom approach. The way this works is that the students access the traditional instruction and teaching at home through online resources and video, and we move the “homework” into the classroom and beyond. So, lectures at home - action in the classroom.

At trepcamp we call our lectures workshops. At the workshops the Treps work together with a trained and certified Trepcamp coach that helps the Treps to practice and model entrepreneurial skills.

For example, if you are learning about radical networking, you would first see videos explaining the basics of radical networking, then you would come to class to rolemodel with your fellow treps, then you will go out and practice radical networking in a real life environment to finally come back to class and get feedback on your progress and resolve questions that might arise.

Not only is it important to practice the essential skills and mindsets separately, but everything needs to come together. At the end of the program all Treps go through the Trepcamp Simulator. The simulator is a full day exercise where the Treps, together with key stakeholders and mentors are assessed on how they fit in on the entrepreneurial competencies map, followed by constructive feedback on how to address potential gaps.

Trepcamp has been carefully designed to mold the entrepreneurs of the future and we welcome you all apply to the program. 

Founder of TrepCamp