Terms and Conditions


The personal data (“The Data”) solicited, is handled by TREP CAMP, SAPI DE C.V. (“TREPCAMP), with address on Rio Mixcoac #36, Int. 1210B, Col. Actipan, Mexico, D.F., in order to provide you the required service, to get to know your products or services and to be able to offer the ones that fit the most to your preferences; solving doubts and complaints, and in the given case, handling them to comply with the objectives mentioned in this Privacy Notice and that are considered analogous for legal purposes. By formally accepting a product or service offered by TREPCAMP, The Data can be used to fulfill the obligations derived from this legal relationship.


Your personal Data, including sensitive data, that currently or in the future can be found in our databases, will be processed and/or used by TREPCAMP and/or its parent companies, subsidiaries or third parties that, due to the nature of their work or functions, have the need to handle and/or use The Data, with the purpose of fulfilling the obligations from the legal relationship between you, as holder of the personal data, and the companies above mentioned.


The Data will be processed in accordance with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals and its regulations. The confidentiality measures to prevent its damage, loss, alteration, destruction, use, access or improper disclosure. Only authorized persons will have access to your Data.


Holders may exercise the rights conferred by the Law, as of January 6, 2012 (access, ratification, cancellation or opposition to the processing of their Data), in a written request, which must be presented at the address of TREPCAMP indicated above, to the Administration area or to the following email: info@trepcamp.org. All applications submitted to TREPCAMP, must have:


*Name and signature of the holder, as well as an address or other means to communicate the response to your request.

*Present official documents that prove the identity of the holder.

*Include a clear and precise description of the personal data that you will exercise the rights conferred by the Law.

*Include any element or document that facilitates the location of the personal data.


TREP CAMP SAPI DE C.V.  reserve the rights to change, modify, supplement and/or alter the present notice, at any time, in which case it will be made known through any of the means established by the legislation in the matter.

In case there is any modification to this Privacy Notice you will be notify by our website or by public notice.